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by Katja Šulc

my little palm like a sweet thought would like to caress your sombre face to lighten up again the bright glow of your eyes, It would gently rest on your beautiful forehead then lovingly loose itself in the warm nest of your shaggy hair my little palm like a passionate desire would like to go across your sombre face and whisper secretly into your ears a magic spell enticing out your smiles and from oblivion preserve your greying memory on your lips it would rest enraptured my little palm as a soft veil would like to go over your sombre face this little, frightened palm of mine! from afar it caresses your sad smiles in eyes that are on the verge of crying fearful that you will turn away
I love to lay in the sun on my back and with eyes closed on the grass by the sea the waves are the footsteps of the man I am waiting for with yearning and fear he is approaching now his face unknown and I don't ask for his name he is coming closer hot and impatient scenting of ripe semen with tender force he spreads my legs and lifts me into a whirlwind when I open my eyes again and the sky above me calms there are there only the sun the grasses and me. the waves are again the steps of the man returning towards the sea I love to lay in the sun on my back and with eyes closed on the grass by the sea
you are not here anymore but your scent is still all over me and I carry you all, just all in me that it hurts and all the nights all the sleepless nights in sorrow when like long years the minutes linger I sob into the palms of my hands covering my eyes to hide the tears from my very self to drown my despair in oblivion and there is no strength left in me
You are here again like on so many nights You come quietly, lay down by my side and with a certain hand you find my face With your fingertips going across my forehead caressing my eyebrows the two eyeshells but across the face you wander as if lost and really slowly you encircle my lips knowing that I am still the same still always waiting Then your hand glides all over me awakening all of my flesh to open up: Oh come and lift me from the abyss of despair and mad dreams! But you are rotting into dust and I wake up each morning on a ravaged island
among the thousands I would recognize your walk in all possible rhythms of hurried steps and even in my dreams I'd recognize your gentle breath among the thousands resting in peace with darkness in my eyes I could find your face with deaf ears I could hear your laughter. and if the winds smoothed all the roads I'd find the trace of your steps in the sandy ground just flee from me wherever you desire although you turn into a path most hidden yet like a sinner with a conscience riden you can't abscond for ever from my thoughts
the hours of sweet surrender have vanished into time i am sipping the late glow of a scarlet dawn somewhere an echo but this isn't my voice anymore love that pearly dove is no longer feeding from my hand. I am sinking into the bottom of a sinister evening a night heavy as lead is falling over my heart
a kiss is not just a playfull exchange of breath and saliva a kiss is not just a beginning into sensual raving when you bite into the depths of body and soul a kiss lulls you into the loss of ground under your feet into screams of pain and when it ends you feel like being void a kiss is also a desperate plea for a tiny bit of human nearness
Your scent was of ripe grasses from the Karst of salt carried by the sea wind of the gentle olive green and of bitter rosemary Your scent was so fragrant that I closed my eyes and waited devoutly for the touch of the hand of an Artist a Creator of Beauty Slowly even slower as if under a spell your hands glided over my young skin kissing away all natural deviations confusing me in the nights of my missing girlhood In the palms of your hands I became beautiful because you loved me
at the first breath of springtime dreams protect a tiny bloom two leaves in the velvety dark in the midst of sunburnt meadows like two enamoured knights enclose their first fruit two leaves in the golden glow went for an early dance with the wind into the azure silently and devoutly falling down


‘Katja Šulc chose the poems of Mila Kačič and invited top musicians to coat Mila’s poetry with music. When you dress a beautiful thing in a garment just as beautiful, the result cannot be less than wonderful. The poetry of Mila Kačič - sensual, full of color, intense and rich in sound - is resonating even stronger… even though it is set to music in most delicate manner.' - Jure Longyka, Radio Slovenia


released November 17, 2008

Katja Šulc - vocals
Erik Marenče - piano
Marko Brdnik - accordeon
Jelena Ždrale - violin, viola, backing vocals
Neža Trobec - backing vocals
Robert Jukič - double bass, bass guitar
Lula Ropret - guitar
Blaž Celarec - percussion, backing vocals
Aleš Rendla - drums
Godalika (Klemen Bračko, Jelena Ždrale, Matjaž Sekne, Klemen Hvala) - strings

Nino de Gleria (1, 5, 6, 9), Tjaša Fabjančič (2, 4), Jelena Ždrale (3, 8), Katja Šulc and band (7).

Nino de Gleria (1, 5, 6, 9), Tjaša Fabjančič (2), Jelena Ždrale (3), Katja Šulc in band (7), Jelena Ždrale and Luka Ropret (8), Erik Marenče (4)
Strings: Nino de Gleria
Backing vocals: Jelena Ždrale

Mixing & mastering: Blaž Celarec, Nino de Gleria

Recorded at Studio Jork, Studio Attic, Studio Glasbeni Arboretum

Photography: Matjaž Zore
Design: Rok Mar


all rights reserved



Katja Šulc Ljubljana, Slovenia

Singer, songwriter and musician from Slovenia weaving poetry and music, contemporary chanson, alternative folk, modern and traditional poetry and endangered languages and cultures.

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