Kamlisajlan - Homage to rromaní poetry

by Katja Šulc

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The third album of Katja Šulc is based on setting contemporary rromani poetry to music. The selected poets come from different countries of Balkans and Eastern Europe. Rromani poetry appealed to Katja Šulc through unique poetics, tradition and cultural heritage, hypnotic sound of the language and the fact that Rromani poetry is considered as threatened world literature. Through her travels she met Mexican violinist Alban Usatch and together they set the chosen poems to music, using loop stations and simple, almost folk like melodies and chord changes, enveloped in repetitive world music rhythm patterns. The album was recorded in San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico and released with Casete Mexico.


released May 23, 2016

poems: Rajko Djurić, Ali Krasnići, Sakip Memeti, Stahiro, Papùśa,
Valdemar Kalinin, Luminița Mihai Cioabă, Romka Demeter

music: Katja Šulc, Alban Usatch

Katja Šulc / vocals
Alban Usatch / violin, viola, 12-string guitar, piano, cajón

guest appearance:
Güicho Vargas / guitar (#3, #10)
Mario Egremy / bass (#1, #2, #3, #4, #8, #9)
Shyam Nepali / sarangi (#7)
Edgar Sosa / güiro (#3)
Jessie Newling / accordion (#3)
Duarte Salgado / hang (#1)
Nico Pinier / cajón (#8)
Igor Matković / trumpet (#2, #9)
Pier / trombon (#9)

recordings: Juan Dios de Lastra, Arbol Sonoro, 2015
postproduction & mixdown Pier, RootsInSession Studio, 2015/2016 mastering Gregor Zemljič, Earresistible Mastering, 2016
mentoring at poetry research: prof.Marcel Courthiade
artwork & photography: Rok Mar

produced by Katja Šulc, Alban Usatch

released by Casete México, 2016


all rights reserved



Katja Šulc Ljubljana, Slovenia

A singer, songwriter from Slovenia moving between poetry and music

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Track Name: O ćhonut
the moon

the moon is laughing


around the fire
are crying

the sobbing is rising

the laughter descending

the sky is smelling of tears

we of scent of laughter

if the moon would lose its sight

and if our eyes would open
who would tell

where the wing of crying
and the wing of laughter

will meet
Track Name: Kamlisajlan
you fell in love

you fell in love
with the sunray
that makes me happy

you fell in love
with the green fields
with my dusty roads
with the storms
the rains

you fell in love
with the night stars
that delight me at night
with the shadow
with the open tent

you fell in love
with the fire by the woods
with the violins
with my wanderings
Track Name: Ćorrolikano bluz
the blues of the miserable

his cheeks are red from the cold
in his hands an empty bag
he is sitting in the corner
with his legs trembling
a cigarette in his mouth burning
disappearing like a lit candle

his nose is dripping with water
he is listening
to his guts
playing the blues of the miserable
the smoke of anger
cannot get out of the man
behind the door an emaciated dog

waiting for the man to open the door
to come closer as much as possible

both are sitting, saying nothing
the door is separating them, hunger uniting them
and the anger with the heaven, too
both are cursing their lives
and from the belly can be heard
the blues of the miserable
Track Name: Kheldõm e balvalãça
I danced with the wind

I made an appointment with the wind in the woods
It came cheerfully and everything danced
the proud trees danced and so did the thickets
the wind danced around our tents

it took me by my hair, it took me by my arms
I am dancing with the wind and the trees are watching
the Rrom dancing vividly with the wind
and everything starts clapping to the sound of his song

in his dance the Rrom doesn’t touch the ground
so boldly is he leaping with the wind
the Rrom is dancing with the wind, he dances the Rromani way
both of them are inviting the whole world to dance

everything starts moving in the forest
the trees and the thickets and our tents
the wind is dancing best the Rromani way
and inviting all the Rroms to dance
Track Name: E plain an kidipe
the prostrate mountain

the leaf has fallen
the woods aren’t green any more
on a branch a bird
a worm in the wood
below him a snake

the wind is asking

what is the bird singing
what is the worm looking for
whom is the snake waiting for

the cradle of the wind falls

the wind fades away in fear
into the chest of the mountain
the prostrate mountain
Track Name: Dikhav 'daj, dikhav 'doj
looking over here, looking over there

looking over here, looking over there -
everything is pulsating, the world is laughing
in the sky the stars are chatting
flickering, trembling together night after night
little stars. the one who understands them
doesn’t feel like sleeping
he prefers to gaze the milky way -
that road of happiness
leading people
to a better life
looking over here and looking over there
how the golden moon is bathing in waters
like little girls
bathe in warm waters by the woods
what is happening? everything is pulsating
the world is laughing!
Track Name: Rroma pakǎna
Rroms believe

Rroms believe in the light
in the soul within
Rroms believe in the sun
at its zenith, in its heat
Rroms believe in the light
that rises from the night at dawn
Rroms believe in the word
born from the pain of their heart

Rroms believe in the light
left by past sufferings
Rroms believe in the day
brought by their long walks
Rroms believe in the light
of the moon just rising
Rroms believe in the heat
born before the dawn

Rroms believe in the light
of despair washed in tears
Rroms believe in the story
passed down by generations
Rroms believe in summer
that slips away so quickly
Rroms believe in the food
that fortune brings to the mouth
Rroms believe in bread
the award for all good deeds
Rroms believe in all that -
in compassion, in kindness
Track Name: O brîsind sîn me
the rain is me

I love
the rain’s tears
they freeze me in a cold spell
I like
their wings
I want to get lost in the night
to come
close to a song
makes me call you
you will pretend you can’t hear me
in the night
you will go to sleep
and you will never
the rain is me
Track Name: Gilǎban gili, Rroma!le
sing a song, Gypsies!

sing a song, Gypsies
and I will dance
I am honoring
you all

who dances, who sings along
will be lucky
because it is happiness and health
that the song brings!
Track Name: Sovimasqe gili

under a plum tree I put a cradle
with its leaves and branches
it sings to my child
with its whole heart, nina nana

the dew is falling - washing it
a leaf is falling - covering it
the wind comes - swinging it
sleep, child! nina nana

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